We are a proud California AS9100 manufacturing facility that focuses on US-manufactured products using innovative technologies and high-quality standards. We are set on creating jobs in our community to help provide for families through manufacturing, technology, and training.

Moore Park

Due to popular demand, we have expanded to a larger facility just 20 minutes west of Chatsworth, our former location. We have added new equipment, additional staff, and we have expanded our production capacity. With a move of this magnitude, it has taken strategy, cooperation, and a tremendous amount of teamwork, sweat and grit. This … Read more


Wow! What an incredible season it has been for ABACORP. We have settled into our new facility in Moorpark. Our team has grown in size and production capacity. We have three shifts and keep the spindle turning 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to serve our customers. We have re-branded ourselves “TEAM ABACORP.” … Read more


Today is Groundhog Day, which got us thinking. In the film, Groundhog Day, the main character wakes up to the same day over and over. Have you ever felt like that? Go to work, drive the same route, drink the same coffee, eat the same lunch, work at the same station. Clock in, clock out, … Read more


At 18, James Wells started his career working in machine shops simply because his dad “knew a guy that owned one.” Several years later, James is now a highly skilled and important part of the ABACORP team who was promoted to Shop Floor Manager last month. James started at ABACORP in May of 2016. He … Read more

Looking Ahead As 2017 comes to a close, we celebrated the only way we know how – Fun! Christmas Party 2017 at MB2 Raceway in Sylmar We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year at ABACORP and share our goals for 2018 with you. 2017 marked a significant milestone for ABACORP, as … Read more


Meet our newest interns at ABACORP. Jose (pictured to the left) discovered ABACORP at the CSUN Tech Fest this past spring, where he applied for this sought after internship. He is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Aerospace and would like to become an Aerospace Engineer after graduation. He particularly likes jet … Read more

Create Awards

litter. Glamour. Tinseltown. The world’s biggest and most prominent stage. Every spring, people around the globe are witness to the iconic red carpet, breathtaking designer gowns and Oscar, the most recognizable award on the planet. But have you ever wondered about the background of this little statuette, or how it’s actually produced? We did a … Read more

At ABACORP, we pride ourselves in finding the best solutions for our customers. Our goal is to develop lifelong partnerships with our clients and vendors to ensure the highest level of quality in the manufacturing business. So, we are constantly working to improve our production time. We’ve instituted an efficiency board which allows us to … Read more


Each week, CMTC likes to spotlight manufacturers who participate in the Made in California Program. The companies that are featured are selected based on the date they joined the program. In addition, each featured manufacturer is highlighted on the Made in CA social media sites for further visibility. Check it out here.