We are a proud California AS9100 manufacturing facility that focuses on US-manufactured products using innovative technologies and high-quality standards. We are set on creating jobs in our community to help provide for families through manufacturing, technology, and training.

Valentine’s Day. What do those two words bring to mind? Red hearts? Flowers? Candy? Fancy dinner? At ABACORP we take the opportunity to celebrate appreciation, “a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude.”

Team is one of our core values and we strive to encourage this mindset every day. There is nothing quite like feeling appreciated. When someone takes that extra step to acknowledge your value and show gratitude, it can be the difference between a productive day, and one filled with negativity or indifference. At ABACORP, we do something every month to show appreciation, including team BBQs, acknowledging birthdays and surprise treats.

Our appreciation also extends to our customers and community. Our number one goal at ABACORP is to create lifelong partnerships with our clients. We take pride in going the extra mile for each and every client. We instill pride in our craftsmanship, to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

We are also grateful for the ripple effect we have outside our walls. Community is part of our purpose statement: To create local job opportunities to build up the community. We are honored to be in a position to provide jobs, support local families and organizations, as well as sponsor local teams.

For this Valentine’s Day, we hope that you love what you do, appreciate your co-workers, value your clients and support your community as much as we do!